author = "Forti, Maria Cristina",
                title = "Rainfall, throughfall and stream water chemistry data from two 
                         small catchments in S{\~a}o Paulo state Atlantic Forest (Brazil): 
                         urban and natural",
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             keywords = "rainfall, throughfall, hydrochemical data, Atlantic Forest.",
             abstract = "This communication aims to disseminate a set of hydrochemical data 
                         obtained from two small catchments in the Atlantic Forest domain. 
                         Such data refers to the chemical composition of rainwater, 
                         throughfall water and river water from two catchments: one within 
                         an urban area, collected between 1999 and 2001, and the other 
                         within a forest area, collected between 2000 and 2004. The former 
                         is State Park of Fontes do Ipiranga (PEFI), a quadrangle delimited 
                         by parallels 2340'20.4{"} S, 2338'11{"} S, and meridians 
                         4636'38{"} W, 4637'58{"} W. The latter is State Park of Serra do 
                         Mar, N{\'u}cleo Cunha-Indai{\'a} (CUNHA) within parallels 
                         23o13'28{"} and 23o16'10{"} S, and meridians 45o02'53{"} and 
                         45o05'15{"} W. The datasets concerns the content of the main 
                         cations and anions, as well as pH and alkalinity of rainfall, 
                         throughfall and stream water.",
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