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             abstract = "One of the most important processes that occurs in Earths 
                         magnetosphere is known as magnetic reconnection (MR). This process 
                         can be symmetric or asymmetric, depending basically on the plasma 
                         density and magnetic field in both sides of the current sheet. A 
                         good example of symmetric reconnection in terrestrial 
                         magnetosphere occurs in the magnetotail, where these quantities 
                         are similar on the north and south lobes. In the dayside 
                         magnetopause MR is asymmetric, since the plasma regimes and 
                         magnetic fields of magnetosheath and magnetosphere are quite 
                         different. Symmetric reconnection has some unique signatures. For 
                         example, the formation of a quadrupolar structure of Hall magnetic 
                         field and a bipolar Hall electric field that points to the center 
                         of the current sheet. The different particle motions in the 
                         presence of asymmetries change these signatures, causing the 
                         quadrupolar pattern to be distorted and forming a bipolar 
                         structure. Also, the bipolar Hall electric field is modified and 
                         gives rise to a single peak pointing toward the magnetosheath, 
                         considering an example of magnetopause reconnection.",
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