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             abstract = "The NANOSATC-BR CubeSat Development Program consists of a 
                         Brazilian INPE-UFSM Capacity Building Program on space science, 
                         engineering and computer sciences for the development of space 
                         technologies using CubeSat satellites, starting with a first 
                         Brazilian Scientific Nanosatellite, the NANOSATC-BR1. The Capacity 
                         Building Program was conceived at the Southern Regional Space 
                         Research Center (CRS), from the Brazilian National Institute for 
                         Space Research - INPE/MCTIC, where acts the Program's General 
                         Coordinator and Manager, having technical collaboration and 
                         management of the Missions General Coordinator for Engineering and 
                         Space Technology at INPEs Headquarter (HQ), in S{\~a}o Jos{\'e} 
                         dos Campos, S{\~a}o Paulo, with the involvement of undergraduate 
                         students from the Federal University of Santa Maria UFSM and 
                         graduate students from INPE/MCTIC, ITA/DCTA/CA-MD and UFRGS.",
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