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                         two Phantom high-speed camera systems and the GLM sensor on the 
                         GOES-16 satellite during summer 2017. Important insights are 
                         gained by observing CG flashes from the side using the Phantom 
                         cameras simultaneously with the top-down view provided by GLM. The 
                         GLM response to visible processes of the CG flashes that are 
                         evident to the phantom cameras at 2500 frames per second are 
                         assessed. These features include individual return strokes, 
                         interstroke intervals, and continuing currents. The optical 
                         measurements from GLM and the Phantom cameras are compared with 
                         observations from the National Lighting Detection Network (NLDN) 
                         and the Washington D.C. Lightning Mapping Array (DCLMA) to gain 
                         additional perspective. Several cases of interest are shown to 
                         illustrate the value of these types of coincident observations.",
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