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                         were produced and characterized, evaluating the influence of the 
                         constituent materials. Different CF heat treatment temperatures 
                         were used, 1000 and 2000\ C, producing structurally 
                         different CF. In addition, diamond films were grown on CF at two 
                         different morphologies, boron doped nanocrystalline (BDND) and 
                         microcrystalline (BDD) diamond films. A NaCl/HCl solution with 
                         distilled aniline was used for PAni chemical synthesis. FEG-SEM 
                         images showed that both PAni and diamond coatings covered and 
                         enwrapped the fibers. Raman spectra exhibited the differences in 
                         the samples structure. Among the studied ternary composites, 
                         electrochemical results indicated that the PAni/BDD/CF2000 
                         composite has the highest capacitance response and charge storage 
                         capacity, the most reversible oxidation and reduction processes, 
                         and the lowest charge transfer resistance, presenting specific 
                         capacitance of 526.5\ F/g. Moreover, this work confirmed 
                         that the structure and morphology of the constituent materials 
                         affected the electrochemical performance of the ternary 
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