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             abstract = "Plasma parameters such as the electron density and temperature 
                         play a key role in the dynamics of the solar atmosphere. These 
                         characteristics are important in solar physics because they can 
                         help us to understand the physics of the solar corona, the 
                         ultimate goal being the reconstruction of the electron density and 
                         temperature distributions in the solar corona. The relations 
                         between emission and plasma parameters in different timescales are 
                         studied. We present a physics-based model to reconstruct the 
                         density, temperature, and emission in the EUV band. This model, 
                         called COronal DEnsity and Temperature (CODET), is composed of a 
                         flux transport model, an extrapolation model, an emission model, 
                         and an optimization algorithm. The CODET model parameters were 
                         constrained by comparing the model's output to the TIMED/SEE 
                         record instead of direct observations because it covers a longer 
                         time interval than the direct solar observations currently 
                         available. The most important results of the current work are the 
                         recovery of SSI variability in specific wavelengths in the EUV 
                         band, as well as the variations in density and temperature during 
                         large timescales through the solar atmosphere with the CODET 
                         model. The evolution of the electron density and temperature 
                         profiles through the solar corona in different layers during solar 
                         cycles 23 and 24 will be presented. The emission maps were 
                         obtained and they are in accordance with the observations. 
                         Additionally, the density and temperature maps are related to the 
                         variations of the magnetic field in different layers through the 
                         solar atmosphere.",
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