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             abstract = "This work evaluates the performance of two radiation 
                         parameterization schemes in 30-day clear-sky runs of the Eta model 
                         over a region in Southeast Brazil. Two versions of the Eta model 
                         are compared: a version using the radiation scheme developed by 
                         the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) and a recently 
                         developed version using the Rapid Radiative Transfer Model for GCM 
                         (RRTMG). These simulations are compared against CMSAF satellite 
                         data and surface station data. The simulation using RRTMG produced 
                         downward surface shortwave radiation fluxes closer to observations 
                         and reduced the systematic positive bias of the Eta simulation 
                         using the GFDL scheme. The 2-m temperature negative bias found in 
                         the Eta-GFDL simulations is reduced in the Eta-RRTMG simulations, 
                         which results from a larger net total radiation in the Eta-RRTMG 
                         simulations. The new version has better accuracy than the Eta 
                         using the GFDL scheme for most of the evaluated variables, 
                         particularly for clear-sky conditions.",
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