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             abstract = "Height Above the Nearest Drainage (HAND), a state-of-the-art 
                         topo-hydrological index, has been increasingly used in 
                         geo-environmental studies. It describes the local normalized 
                         drainage potential of a large region. To date, a trial and error 
                         and cumbersome multistep process has been used to obtain the HAND 
                         index which does not result in an optimal threshold for 
                         contributing area. This study aims at developing a user-friendly 
                         geographic information system (GIS) tool, HANDTool, using the 
                         Python programming language. We successfully applied the tool for 
                         the Chehel-Chai watershed, Iran and the random forest algorithm 
                         was used to model groundwater potential. Results revealed that the 
                         HAND index made a great contribution to groundwater potential 
                         modeling among the other conditioning factors. This tool gives 
                         valuable insights on the soil-topography-moisture shared 
                         interactions and vegetation condition, especially in ungauged 
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