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             abstract = "The main goal of this paper is to describe the motion of a 
                         spacecraft around an artificial equilibrium point in the circular 
                         restricted three-body problem. The spacecraft is under the 
                         gravitational influence of the Sun and the Earth, as primary and 
                         secondary bodies, subjected to the force due to the solar 
                         radiation pressure and some extra perturbations. Analytical 
                         solutions for the equations of motion of the spacecraft are found 
                         using several methods and for different extra perturbations. These 
                         solutions are strictly valid at the artificial equilibrium point, 
                         but they are used as approximations to describe the motion around 
                         this artificial equilibrium point. As an application of the 
                         method, the perturbation due to the gravitational influence of 
                         Jupiter and Venus is added to a spacecraft located at a chosen 
                         artificial equilibrium point, near the Lagrangian point of the 
                         Sun-Earth system. The system is propagated starting from this 
                         point using analytical and numerical solutions. Comparisons 
                         between analytical-analytical and analytical-numerical solutions 
                         for several kinds of perturbations are made to guide the choice of 
                         the best analytical solution, with the best accuracy.",
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