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                         of recent theoretical and observational results related to the 
                         'dark matter problem'. This modification of the virial theorem 
                         offers a physically meaningful framework to investigate possible 
                         dynamical couplings between the baryonic and dark matter 
                         components of extragalactic systems. In particular, we examine the 
                         predictions of the 2VT with respect to the 
                         'acceleration-discrepancy relation' (ADR). Considering the 
                         combined data (composed of systems supported by rotation and by 
                         velocity dispersion), we find the following: (i) The overall 
                         behaviour of the 2VT is consistent with the ADR. (ii) The 2VT 
                         predicts a nearly constant behaviour in the lower acceleration 
                         regime, as suggested in recent data on dwarf spheroidals. We also 
                         briefly comment on possible differentiations between the 2VT and 
                         some modified gravity theories.",
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