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                         due to poor management. The central issue that should govern the 
                         management is the integration of the various aspects that 
                         interfere with the use of water resources and their protection, 
                         supported by legal basis. A watershed is a unit of water 
                         interaction with the physical, biotic, social, economic and 
                         cultural variables. The Brazilian law recognized the river basin 
                         as the territorial management unit. Based on the diagnosis of the 
                         current situation of the water resources of the Rio Grande Basin, 
                         a discussion informed in the Brazilian legal basis was made to 
                         propose measures to combat or mitigate damages and environmental 
                         degradation in the Basin. To manage water resources more 
                         efficiently, conserve water and optimize their multiple uses, the 
                         integration of acquired scientific knowledge and the management is 
                         essential. Moreover, it is necessary that respected the 
                         environmental legislation as well as that it is compliance 
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