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             abstract = "The coexistence of wave-like submeso motions and anisotropic 
                         intermittent turbulence in a night-time stable boundary layer is 
                         investigated. Submeso motions of different characteristics and 
                         amplitudes interact with each other. These interactions may lead 
                         to intermittent turbulence production which alters the turbulent 
                         structure of the stable boundary layer. On the other hand, the 
                         production and transfer of turbulence affect the delicate balance 
                         of submeso motions. In this work, sonic anemometer data collected 
                         at 11 levels in southeastern Brazil have been used to study a case 
                         of a nocturnal boundary layer at a coastal site. The absence of 
                         forcing at the synoptic scale allows the development of a breeze 
                         circulation on which a low-level jet of moderate intensity (4 m 
                         s(-1)) and low height (about 50 m) takes place. The jet evolution 
                         is coupled with dirty waves, while its full development is 
                         associated with gravity waves driven by a strong vertical 
                         temperature gradient. The layer centred at the low-level jet nose 
                         is characterized by horizontal meandering and very weak turbulence 
                         intensity. The air far below and above the low-level jet maximum 
                         experiences bursts of significant increase of the turbulence 
                         intensity, showing a three-layer structure. The oscillations of 
                         the horizontal wind components exhibit the same frequency as the 
                         temperature oscillations, suggesting that the presence of an 
                         adequate temperature horizontal gradient is one of the fundamental 
                         drivers of the meandering phenomenon. The considered night has 
                         been studied by means of the Eulerian auto-correlation functions 
                         for the detection of the meandering hours and their oscillation 
                         time-scales, and by means of the continuous Morlet wavelet 
                         function for the detection of the gravity waves and the 
                         characterization of their spatial time-scales and temporal 
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