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             abstract = "The spatial and temporal variability of energy exchange in 
                         Tropical Instability Waves (TIWs) in the Atlantic Ocean were 
                         investigated. A spectral analysis was used to filter the 5-day 
                         mean results from Simple Ocean Data Assimilation (SODA) reanalysis 
                         spanning from 1958 to 2008. TIWs were filtered over periods of 15 
                         to 60 days and between wavelengths of 4 and 20 longitude degrees. 
                         The main approach of this study was the use of bidirectionally 
                         filtered TIW time series as the perturbation fields, and the 
                         difference in these time series from the SODA total results was 
                         considered to be the basic state for energetics analysis. The main 
                         result was that the annual cycle (period of 360 days) was the main 
                         source of variability of the waves, and the semi-annual cycle 
                         (period of 180 days) was a secondary variation, which indicated 
                         that TIWs occurred throughout the year but with intensity that 
                         varies seasonally. In SODA, barotropic instability acts as the 
                         mechanism that feeds and extracts energy to/from TIWs at 
                         equatorial Atlantic. Baroclinic instability is the main mechanism 
                         that extracts energy from TIWs to the equatorial circulation north 
                         of the Equator. All TIW patterns of variability were observed 
                         western of 10A degrees W. The present study reveals new evidences 
                         regarding TIW variability and suggests that future investigations 
                         should include a detailed description of TIW dynamics as part of 
                         Atlantic Ocean equatorial circulation.",
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