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             abstract = "This paper presents an innovative in-field coarse bias estimation 
                         (CBE) method for stationary intermediate-grade inertial 
                         measurement units (IMUs), which is based on the existence of 
                         normality and orthogonality errors in the attitude matrix supplied 
                         by the traditional three-axis attitude determination stationary 
                         coarse alignment (CA) stage. Differently from the currently 
                         existing in-field bias estimation formulations, the proposed CBE 
                         method is conceived to be conducted in stationary conditions, 
                         jointly with the CA, and it allows the down accelerometer bias and 
                         the north and down angular rate sensor biases to be adequately 
                         estimated. As a main contribution of this paper, we demonstrate 
                         that the proposed CBE method is able to greatly accelerate the 
                         estimation process of the aforementioned biases, contributing, 
                         hence, to shorten the IMU setup time. A comprehensive error 
                         analysis is presented, and the conclusions are twofold: 1) the 
                         proposed CBE method is valid regardless of the IMU orientation and 
                         2) its estimation accuracy is mainly constrained by the north 
                         accelerometer bias and the position location uncertainty, which 
                         are, in general, very reduced. Results from simulated and 
                         experimental test confirm the adequacy of the outlined 
                         verifications, also attesting the superiority of the proposed CBE 
                         method in situations where, due to time constraints, stationary 
                         fine alignment procedures are not allowed to be carried out.",
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