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             abstract = "Precipitation estimates derived from the Eta model and from TRMM 
                         (Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission) and CHIRPS (Climate Hazards 
                         Group InfraRed Precipitation with Station data) remotely sensed 
                         data were compared to the precipitation data of the INMET 
                         (National Institute of Meteorology) meteorological stations in the 
                         south-southeast region of Minas Gerais state, Brazil, in the 
                         period between July 2009 and June 2015. Then, information about 
                         evapotranspiration (ETR), water deficit (DEF), and water surplus 
                         (EXC) was obtained from the precipitation data, using the 
                         sequential water balance (SWB) separately for each type of 
                         precipitation data (INMET, TRMM, Eta, and CHIRPS). Subsequently, 
                         the components of the SWB were comparatively analyzed. The results 
                         indicate that all three products overestimate rainfall. The 
                         strongest relationships between the INMET data and the estimated 
                         data were observed for the TRMM, in terms of precipitation 
                         estimates, as well as DEF, EXC, and ETR components. The Eta 
                         precipitation estimates are overestimated relative to those from 
                         INMET, resulting in underestimation of the water deficit (DEFETA) 
                         and overestimation of evapotranspiration (ETRETA). In general, the 
                         CHIRPS data presented a pattern similar to the station data, 
                         though statistical analyses were lower than those of the TRMM 
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