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             abstract = "The possibility of exploring proper phasing of the feeding 
                         currents in the existing antenna of the Alfv{\'e}n Eigenmodes 
                         Active Diagnostic system of JET, to excite pure toroidal spectra 
                         of Toroidal Alfv{\'e}n Eigenmodes, is numerically investigated. 
                         Special attention is given to the actual perturbed fields excited 
                         in the plasma, which are calculated self-consistently using the 
                         antenna version of the CASTOR code. It is found that due to the 
                         close spacing of the JET antenna modules and quasi degeneracy of 
                         modes with medium to high values of the toroidal mode number n, 
                         although a proper choice of the phasing of the feeding currents of 
                         the antenna modules indeed leads to an increase of the perturbed 
                         fields of the selected mode, modes with nearby values of n are 
                         also excited with large amplitudes, so that a scheme to proper 
                         select the detected modes remains necessary. A scheme using 
                         different antenna position distribution is proposed to achieve 
                         successful optimization.",
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