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                         Kuiper belt is still a hot subject of investigation. Several 
                         features of the solar system suggest that the giant planets 
                         underwent a phase of global dynamical instability, but the actual 
                         dynamical evolution of the planets during the instability is still 
                         debated. To explain the structure of the cold Kuiper belt, 
                         Nesvorny (2015, AJ 150,68) argued for a soft instability, during 
                         which Neptune never achieved a very eccentric orbit. Here we 
                         investigate the possibility of a more violent instability, from an 
                         initially more compact fully resonant configuration of 5 giant 
                         planets. We show that the orbital structure of the cold Kuiper 
                         belt can be reproduced quite well provided that the cold 
                         population formed in situ, with an outer edge between 44 \− 
                         45 au and never had a large mass.",
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