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             abstract = "We reach a thermodynamic interpretation to a model study of 
                         electrons density and temperature grounded on the physics of hydro 
                         magnetism in global equilibrium. This is the Coronal Density and 
                         Temperature (CODET) model of the Sun K-Corona, see bottom 
                         sentences. The thermodynamic interpretation finds consistency of 
                         the model with a magnetomatter medium that is diamagnetic, in the 
                         context of ideal magneto-hydrodynamics. To achieve the result in a 
                         quantitative way we propose that this medium possess an underlying 
                         structure that was earlier described to explain the adsorption 
                         process, i.e. in this case to be a 3-D Langmuir amorphous lattice 
                         in thermodynamic equilibrium. In this way constitutive properties 
                         of the medium magnetic permeability, the non-dispersive acoustic 
                         speed, the expected equilibration time for the 1.1 to 1.3 solar 
                         radius region are here discussed, which are determined 
                         quantitatively for a portion of the quiescent corona in a near 
                         solar minimum that extends for most of years 2008 and almost all 
                         2009. (The CODET model uses as input photosphere magnetic field, 
                         this magnetic field is extrapolated through the solar atmosphere 
                         from Potential Field Source Surface (PFSS) model. Also, a flux 
                         transport model, an emission model and an optimization algorithm 
                         are used.).",
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