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             abstract = "A Lidar tuned to sodium resonance line at 589 nm has been operated 
                         at S~ao Jose dos Campos, Brazil (23S, 46 W) since 1993 processing 
                         the Rayleigh signal from which the temperatures from 35 to 65 km 
                         are retrieved in a nightly mean basis. In order to remove tidal 
                         eects only proles obtained from 18:30 LT to 23:30 LT were 
                         considered in this analysis. We used these nightly proles to 
                         determine the monthly temperature proles from April 1993 to 
                         September 2016. A model including solar cycle, southern 
                         oscillation index, QBO, Annual and Semiannual oscillations and 
                         Linear trends has been tted to the monthly temperatures every 3 km 
                         from 36 to 63 km. Variable linear trends with altitudes are 
                         determined with a maximum negative trends at 54-55 km attaining 
                         3.15 K/decade. We also have separated data from 1993-to 2003 and 
                         2004-to 2016 and compared the last with SABER temperature data for 
                         the same altitude range and for the same place.",
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