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             abstract = "Geosphere, that consists of Earths interior and exterior namely 
                         Lithosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere and Ionosphere, is most closely 
                         connected environment to the human life. Lithosphere hosts seismic 
                         hazards such as Earthquakes/Tsunamis that have devastating in 
                         uences on life on the planet. Interestingly, their eects are not 
                         just limited to the biosphere but extended beyond into the 
                         atmosphere upto the 300 km heights, the region where ionosphere is 
                         located. In fact, in this region, the eects are amplied by 3-4 
                         order owing to the Atmospheric waves excited by seismic 
                         activities. This whole phenomenon is called as Seismic weather, 
                         drawing analogy from the convective weather or space weather. In 
                         the present work, few seismic weather studies related to moderate 
                         Earthquakes (with magnitudes between 4.5-5.5) over South America 
                         are performed. The seismogenic ionospheric pulsations are searched 
                         in the ionospheric density and currents, from the electron density 
                         and magnetic eld measurements, using GPS receivers and 
                         magnetometers. Objective is to develop the data analysis tools to 
                         forecast the strong earthquakes that come after the series of 
                         moderate earthquakes.",
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