author = "Denardin, Clezio Marcos",
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             abstract = "We present the new Embrace Magnetometer Network (Embrace MagNet) 
                         in South America, which so far is planned to cover most of the 
                         Easter Southern American longitudinal sector displacing 
                         magnetometer in several locations in South American. We discuss 
                         the purpose and scientic goals of the network, associated with the 
                         Aeronomy and Space Weather. We provide details on instrumentation, 
                         location of the sensors, sensibility matching process, gain 
                         matching process, and installations of the magnetometers. In 
                         addition, we present and discuss details on the data storage, 
                         near-real time display and availability. Finally, we provide some 
                         of the rst scientic ndings that we have already achieved with this 
                         network, which involve: (a) the identication of the diurnal and 
                         the seasonal natural variations of the H component; (b) the 
                         precise determination of SSC and SI; (c) the pretty good agreement 
                         with respect to the H amplitudes derived from the Embrace MagNet 
                         during the intense magnetic storm and the Dst index; and (d) the 
                         investigation of the eects of the Sq systems response to the 
                         X-class solar ares occurring during daytime under magnetically 
                         quiet conditions.",
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