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             abstract = "Taking advantage of the new Multi-Viewpoint CME (MVC) Catalog 
                         (Vourlidas et al. ApJ 2017), we present the results based on the 
                         comparison of the properties of CMEs from simultaneous 
                         observations of the twin COR2 coronagraphs on board STEREO for the 
                         period 2007-2014 from two dierent vantage points. We focus on the 
                         analysis of angular widths, and radial and expansion speeds 
                         obtained using a supervised image segmentation algorithm, CORSET. 
                         The sample of 460 events detected simultaneously with both 
                         spacecraft at varying separation angles allow us to investigate 
                         the accuracy and constraints of single viewpoint properties that 
                         underlie the bulk of CME research to date and examine the 
                         dependence of the properties on the morphology of the events. Here 
                         we discuss some of the main results: 1) in average, we nd a good 
                         agreement between the radial speeds derived from dierent 
                         perspectives throughout the period under analysis. 2) Projection 
                         eects seem to aect more the CME width determination rather than 
                         speeds. 3) In agreement with early predictions, the expansion 
                         speeds are less aected by projection eects than the radial 
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