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             abstract = "Much of South America is aected by the South Atlantic Magnetic 
                         Anomaly (SAMA), characterized by the minimum intensity of the 
                         geomagnetic eld on the Earths surface. Due to the presence of this 
                         anomaly, there is an increase in particle precipitation from the 
                         internal radiation belt that surrounds the planet, generating 
                         dierent aeronomic eects. In this study, we investigated the eect 
                         of this process on the amplitude of Pc3-Pc4 magnetic pulsations as 
                         a function of the distance from the center of the anomaly. Data 
                         from highly sensitive uxgate magnetometers (1 Hz acquisition rate) 
                         operated by the Brazilian Space Weather Program (EMBRACE) and 
                         INTERMAGNET in several locations in South America are used in the 
                         analyzes. Four magnetic storms were selected during the year 2015 
                         and data from 7 days before (quiet period) and 7 days after each 
                         storm (most disturbed period, including the recovery phase) were 
                         ltered in the Pc3-Pc4 intervals. The results show a permanent 
                         amplication in the pulsation amplitude at the station closest to 
                         the center of the anomaly. It is proposed that this amplication is 
                         linked to the increase of the ionospheric conductivity in SAMA, 
                         caused by the enhanced particle precipitation from the radiation 
                         belt. Also, this eect is continuous in the anomaly region, being 
                         valid for both low level geomagnetic activity (quiet days) and 
                         high level geomagnetic activity (disturbed days).",
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