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             abstract = "In this study, the chemical interaction between functionalized 
                         carbon nanotuboes with carboxyl groups (CNT-f) and the subsequent 
                         addition of furfuryl alcohol (FA) and mixture with poly(furfuryl 
                         alcohol) (PFA) resin was evaluated. The FA with CNT-f was mixed in 
                         PFA resin to facilitate the chemical interaction of CNTs. The 
                         morphological and chemical interaction were studied by 
                         Transmission Electron Microcopies (MET), FTIR analyses, Raman 
                         Spectroscopy, viscosimetry and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy 
                         (XPS). It was observed that a chemical interaction occurs through 
                         the opening of the hydroxyl polymer chain with a subsequent output 
                         of one water molecule. This interaction was evident from the FTIR 
                         and XPS data of the PFA composites. In this way, the mixture of 
                         functionalized carbon nanotubes with carboxyl groups in the FA, 
                         before adding this reinforcement into the PFA resin, can be 
                         considered a good procedure in order to obtain an appropriate 
                         chemical interaction between the CNT and PFA resin.",
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