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             abstract = "In a recent paper (Chian et al., 2016) it was shown that magnetic 
                         reconnection at the interface region between two magnetic flux 
                         ropes is responsible for the genesis of interplanetary 
                         intermittent turbulence. The normalized third-order moment 
                         (skewness) and the normalized fourth-order moment (kurtosis) 
                         display a quadratic relation with a parabolic shape that is 
                         commonly observed in observational data from turbulence in fluids 
                         and plasmas, and is linked to non-Gaussian fluctuations due to 
                         coherent structures. In this paper we perform a detailed study of 
                         the relation between the skewness and the kurtosis of the modulus 
                         of the magnetic field vertical bar B vertical bar during a triple 
                         interplanetary magnetic flux rope event. In addition, we 
                         investigate the skewness-kurtosis relation of two-point 
                         differences of vertical bar B vertical bar for the same event. The 
                         parabolic relation displays scale dependence and is found to be 
                         enhanced during magnetic reconnection, rendering support for the 
                         generation of non-Gaussian coherent structures via rope-rope 
                         magnetic reconnection. Our results also indicate that a direct 
                         coupling between the scales of magnetic flux ropes and the scales 
                         within the inertial subrange occurs in the solar wind.",
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