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             abstract = "Phenol-furfuryl alcohol resins (PFA) are excellent candidates to 
                         replace existing thermoset matrices used in obtaining insulating 
                         systems or carbon materials, both in its pure form and reinforced 
                         with nanoscale structures. This work had as main purpose 
                         synthesize and investigate thermal characterization of PFA resin 
                         and its nanostructured composites with different concentrations of 
                         carbon nanotubes (0, 0.1, 0.5 and 1.0 wt%). The DSC analysis was 
                         performed to estimate the specific heat (cp) of the cured samples 
                         and thermomechanical analysis to find the linear thermal expansion 
                         coefficient (a). From these results, the cp values found for the 
                         PFA system was similar to that described in the literature for the 
                         phenolic resin. The cp increased with the increase in the CNT 
                         concentration in the system up to 0.5%. The coefficient of linear 
                         thermal expansion obtained by TMA technique for PFA sample was 
                         33.10(-6)/degrees C which was close to the a value of phenolic 
                         resin (40 to 80.10(-6)/degrees C).",
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