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                         (AMI) and upper arm dimensions on the measurement of blood 
                         pressure (BP). Methodology: 489 university students were evaluated 
                         in Divin{\'o}polis, Brazil and data were collected on 
                         anthropometric and BP measurements and elaborated multiple linear 
                         regression and regression tree models using data mining 
                         techniques. Results: length arm (AL) and arm circumference (AC) 
                         showed positive correlation with systolic blood pressure (SBP) and 
                         diastolic blood pressure (DBP). The AMI presented positive 
                         correlation with SBP and negative correlation with DBP. The 
                         regression tree showed interactions between BP and AL, AC and AMI. 
                         Conclusion: BP values in the upper right upper arm were higher 
                         than in the left upper arm in population of healthy young adults. 
                         AL and AC were predictors of overestimation of indirect 
                         measurement of SBP and DBP. AMI overestimates SBP and 
                         underestimates DBP. There were interactions between arm dimensions 
                         and BP.",
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