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             abstract = "Climate change and biodiversity loss are expected to 
                         simultaneously affect ecosystems, however research on how each 
                         driver mediates the effect of the other has been limited in scope. 
                         The multiple stressor framework emphasizes non-additive effects, 
                         but biodiversity may also buffer the effects of climate change, 
                         and climate change may alter which mechanisms underlie 
                         biodiversityfunction relationships. Here, we performed an 
                         experiment using tank bromeliad ecosystems to test the various 
                         ways that rainfall changes and litter diversity may jointly 
                         determine ecological processes. Litter diversity and rainfall 
                         changes interactively affected multiple functions, but how depends 
                         on the process measured. High litter diversity buffered the 
                         effects of altered rainfall on detritivore communities, evidence 
                         of insurance against impacts of climate change. Altered rainfall 
                         affected the mechanisms by which litter diversity influenced 
                         decomposition, reducing the importance of complementary attributes 
                         of species (complementarity effects), and resulting in an 
                         increasing dependence on the maintenance of specific species 
                         (dominance effects). Finally, altered rainfall conditions 
                         prevented litter diversity from fueling methanogenesis, because 
                         such changes in rainfall reduced microbial activity by 58%. 
                         Together, these results demonstrate that the effects of climate 
                         change and biodiversity loss on ecosystems cannot be understood in 
                         isolation and interactions between these stressors can be 
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