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                         are candidate materials for applications in magnetomechanical 
                         sensors and electromagnetic wave absorbers. This work studied the 
                         microstructure, magnetostriction, flexural strength, and complex 
                         magnetic permeability of Ni0.9Co0.1Fe2O4, presenting data that 
                         weren't covered by previous literature on this composition. It was 
                         found that sieving the calcined powder before the forming 
                         operation increased the flexural strength of the ceramic. The 
                         Ni-Co ferrite had a saturation magnetostriction of 36ppm. The real 
                         part of the complex magnetic permeability varied between 2.2-2.3 
                         in frequencies from 100MHz to 1GHz. In frequencies higher than 
                         1GHz, mu' decreased sharply and reached 1 at 3.9GHz. It was found 
                         that the grinding media provided a small fraction of Al to the 
                         ferrite composition, which apparently affected the complex 
                         magnetic permeability of the material but the magnetostriction 
                         results were very close to Al-free Ni-Co ferrites with similar 
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