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             abstract = "The present research had as main purpose to develop and 
                         characterize multifunctional green nanocomposites based on 
                         poly(furfuryl alcohol) resin (PFA bioresin), derived from 
                         sugarcane bagasse reinforced with different contents of graphite 
                         nanosheets (GNS) (0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 wt%) which were dispersed 
                         in PFA bioresin using an ultrasonic processor. The mixture was 
                         poured into silicone molds and cured at room temperature during 24 
                         h followed by a post-cure at preheated oven in cycles of different 
                         temperatures. TEM analysis of GNS showed this filler consist of 
                         ultrathin and layered sheets. SEM micrographs of the cryogenic 
                         fracture of the nanocomposite presented the good interfacial 
                         adhesion between PFA bioresin and GNS. Moreover, upon GNS addition 
                         in the PFA bioresin, PFA/GNS nanocomposites demonstrated superior 
                         mechanical performance and better electrical conductivity than 
                         neat PFA bioresin.",
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