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             abstract = "To effectively implement the Paris Agreement, capacity in carbon 
                         accounting must be strengthened in the developing world, and 
                         partnerships with local academic institutions can do the 
                         accounting for governments and fill the capacity gap. This paper 
                         highlights the Brazilian case, focusing on ways in which climate 
                         change science information and transparency are being incorporated 
                         in national C accounting initiatives, particularly the national 
                         inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals. We 
                         report how the third inventory for the sector of land use, 
                         land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) was implemented to address 
                         scientific challenges involved in the monitoring of carbon stocks 
                         and land-use changes of diverse and complex biomes while 
                         addressing international and national policy demands (report and 
                         decision support) and transparency to various stakeholders. GHG 
                         emissions and removals associated with 2002-2010 carbon changes in 
                         aboveground, belowground biomass, necromass and soil carbon by 
                         land use and land cover changes were estimated for all Brazilian 
                         biomes, and for the Amazon estimates were also presented for the 
                         periods of 2002-2005 and 2005-2010. The inventory improved 
                         regional estimates for carbon stock and national emission factors 
                         with the support and engagement of the scientific community. 
                         Incorporation of local context is essential to reduce 
                         uncertainties and properly monitor efforts to contribute to GHG 
                         emission/reduction targets. To promote transparency and make 
                         information more accessible, the national inventory results were 
                         made available by the National Emissions Registry System (SIRENE). 
                         This system was built to support climate change policies as an 
                         important legal apparatus and by increasing access to emissions 
                         and land-use change data.",
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