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                         tensile testing, interlaminar shear strength, vacuum-assisted 
             abstract = "This paper shows a developed process to reclaim carbon fiber from 
                         end-of-life thermoset composite or pre-preg process waste, which 
                         uses pyrolysis and oxidation to remove the matrix (resin) and a 
                         plasma reactor to treat the exhaust gases. Laminates were 
                         manufactured to be recycled and the reclaimed laminates were 
                         remanufactured and then tested. Tensile tests, interlaminar shear 
                         strength tests and measurement of the fiber volumetric fraction 
                         for both virgin and reclaimed laminates were carried out. The 
                         dimensions, masses and permeability were also measured for both 
                         virgin and recycled laminates. Additionally, ultrasound 
                         inspections, Raman spectroscopy, micrographs using scanning and 
                         transmission, as well as microscopy of the fracture surfaces of 
                         the composite specimens submitted to the tensile and interlaminar 
                         shear strength tests were performed. Monofilament tensile tests in 
                         one of the reclaimed and virgin samples were also conducted. All 
                         these tests and analysis were conducted aiming at comparing the 
                         overall performance of the reference (virgin) composite to the one 
                         manufactured with reclaimed carbon fiber, trying to better 
                         understand the differences between them, and the origin and cause 
                         of these differences.",
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