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             abstract = "Flash floods are still a challenge for natural disaster monitoring 
                         and early warning centers worldwide. In this work two nowcasting 
                         methods were applied to expose the uncertainties of the 
                         predictions by weather radar images: using time-lagged and from 
                         the geostatistical model SAMPO-TBM. The main objective was to 
                         assess whether members could predict floods within a forecast 
                         horizon prediction up to 120 minutes. The hydrological evaluations 
                         were realized in the urban watershed (168.5 km2) of Nova Friburgo, 
                         in the State of Rio de Janeiro-Brazil. The probabilistic hazard 
                         maps helped to predict the regions with the highest spatial 
                         probability of flash flood occurrence, in both methods. The tool 
                         has been applied operationally at Brazilian Centre for Monitoring 
                         and Early Warning of Natural Disasters.",
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