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             abstract = "In this study, we examine the hypothesis of a forest transition in 
                         an area of early expansion of the agricultural frontier over the 
                         Brazilian Atlantic Forest in the south-central part of the State 
                         of S{\~a}o Paulo. Large scale land use/cover changes were 
                         assessed by integrating Landsat imagery, census data, and 
                         landscape metrics. Two Landsat multi-temporal datasets were 
                         assembled for two consecutive periods19952006 and 20062013to 
                         assess changes in forest cover according to four classes: (i) 
                         transition from non-forest cover to planted forest (NF-PF); (ii) 
                         transition from non-forest to secondary (successional) forest 
                         (NF-SF); (iii) conservation of planted forest (PF) and (iv) 
                         conservation of forest remnants (REM). Data from the two most 
                         recent, 1995/96 and 2006 agricultural censuses were analyzed to 
                         single out major changes in agricultural production. The total 
                         area of forest cover, including primary, secondary, and planted 
                         forest, increased 30% from 1995 to 2013, whereas forest planted in 
                         non-forest areas (NF-PF) and conservation of planted forest (PF) 
                         accounted for 14.1% and 19.6%, respectively, of the total forest 
                         area by 2013. Such results showed a relatively important forest 
                         transition that would be explained mostly by forest plantations 
                         though. Analysis of the landscape metrics indicated an increase in 
                         connectivity among forest fragments during the period of study, 
                         and revealed that nearly half of the forest fragments were located 
                         within 50 m from riverbeds, possibly suggesting some level of 
                         compliance with environmental laws. Census data showed an increase 
                         in both the area and productivity of sugarcane plantations, while 
                         pasture and citrus area decreased by a relatively important level, 
                         suggesting that sugarcane production has expanded at the expense 
                         of these land uses. Both satellite and census data helped to 
                         delineate the establishment of two major production systems, the 
                         first one dominated by sugarcane plantations approximately located 
                         in the NE part of the study area, and a second one concentrating 
                         most of the forest plantations in the SW portion of the study 
                         area, where most of the forest transition could be observed.",
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