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                         dynamical state of clusters and the shape of the velocity 
                         dispersion profiles (VDPs), we study the VDPs for Gaussian (G) and 
                         non-Gaussian (NG) systems for a subsample of clusters from the 
                         Yang catalogue. The groups cover a redshift interval of 0.03 
                         \≤ z \≤ 0.1 with halo mass \≥1014 M. We use a 
                         robust statistical method, Hellinger Distance, to classify the 
                         dynamical state of the systems according to their velocity 
                         distribution. The stacked VDP of each class, G and NG, is then 
                         determined using either Bright or Faint galaxies. The stacked VDP 
                         for G groups displays a central peak followed by a monotonically 
                         decreasing trend which indicates a predominance of radial orbits, 
                         with the Bright stacked VDP showing lower velocity dispersions in 
                         all radii. The distinct features we find in NG systems are 
                         manifested not only by the characteristic shape of VDP, with a 
                         depression in the central region, but also by a possible higher 
                         infall rate associated with galaxies in the Faint stacked VDP.",
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