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             abstract = "Time delays in bilateral teleoperation systems can degrade the 
                         transparency and result in instability. For large delays, model 
                         predictive control or impedance reflective methods in which the 
                         operator interacts with the slave and environment model, can help 
                         overcome this issue. An important key to the success of these 
                         systems is to have the local virtual slave model synchronized with 
                         the slave. This is especially important when the slave gets into 
                         contact with hard environments, resulting in rapid contact force 
                         build up and slave chattering. In this paper, we propose a 
                         model-reference model-mediated teleoperation control architecture 
                         that provides enhanced synchronization between the slave and 
                         virtual slave models and keeps both the master and slave 
                         responsive. The proposed architecture is evaluated against through 
                         simulations and experiments carried out on a 1-DOF master-slave 
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