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             abstract = "The aim of this work is to follow the structural variations of 
                         polyaniline (PAni) obtained by chemical oxidation on a pre-pilot 
                         scale, with different reaction times. Synthesis of PAni is well 
                         known, but when it is carried out on a pre-pilot scale, several 
                         factors can lead to structural changes and understanding these 
                         changes is important to improve controls on the synthesis process. 
                         The polymers formed were characterized by spectroscopic techniques 
                         (Raman spectroscopy, Fourier Transform Infrared - FTIR and 
                         UV-Visible). Degree of oxidation and yield were calculated for 
                         each reaction time. The analysis by FTIR, the calculated degree of 
                         oxidation and the yield showed significant changes in polymer 
                         structure at reaction times of 65 and 80 min. This result was 
                         attributed to the excessive oxidation of PAni, with the breaking 
                         of its polymer chain. The changes observed in the structure of 
                         PAni gave subsidies to the optimization of the process of 
                         obtaining polyaniline by chemical synthesis.",
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