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             abstract = "In this paper we present a case study of the use of SCRUM in an 
                         applied research scenario, consisting of the detection and 
                         identification of human faces in a large database of photos. The 
                         study shows how the adoption of agile methods was important to 
                         deal with uncertainty and unstable requirements, allowing 
                         adaptable development with opportunity to learn from the 
                         development process. The implementation of experiments reveals, as 
                         our research advances, the applicability of techniques to support 
                         the solution for the requirements. All sort of problems with 
                         illumination, pose, low quality of image and other type of noise 
                         were present as obstacles to accuracy in different approaches for 
                         detection and recognition. Fast retrieval of similar faces was 
                         also necessary. In the end, the requirements were successfully 
                         tackled by developing an efficient and short implementation of 
                         face alignment, feature extraction and search.",
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