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             abstract = "In this work, Sb2O3 nanorods, microrods and crystals were 
                         synthesized by a carbothermal reduction driven vaporsolid(VS) 
                         process. Aiming to provide data on the structure of these samples 
                         XRD, FEGSEM and Raman spectroscopy were used. As result, we found 
                         that samples collected at the hottest growth zone (630-760 
                         \◦C) are composed by microrods showing branched morphology 
                         (nanometric branches) and orthorhombic phase of Sb2O3. A cubic 
                         Sb2O3 phase was detected in samples collected at the intermediate 
                         growth zone (440-510 \◦C) and at the coldest growth zone 
                         (180-250 \◦C). The examination of Raman selection rules in 
                         both orthorhombic and cubic samples revealed solid evidences of 
                         the presence of native defects, which we believe to be oxygen 
                         vacancies. Symmetric Schottky barriers were constructed to 
                         orthorhombic Sb2O3samples and the main electrical features of the 
                         devices such as barriers height \ΦB = 0.44 eV and ideality 
                         factor n = 1.03 for Au/Ti contacts were found. The 
                         temperaturedependent resistance measurements have confirmed for 
                         the first time a semiconductor-like behavior in orthorhombic Sb2O3 
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