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             abstract = "Equatorial plasma bubble/spread F (EPB/ESF) irregularity 
                         development can suffer large variability on a day-to-day basis due 
                         to the highly variable dynamic state of the evening ionosphere. An 
                         important cause of the ESF variability lies in the prereversal 
                         enhancement in the F region vertical plasma drift (zonal electric 
                         field), that is subject to large modifications under forcing from 
                         magnetospheric disturbances, when penetrating inter-planetary 
                         electric fields, and disturbance dynamo electric field, cause 
                         large enhancement, or total suppression, of the PRE, and hence of 
                         the ESF development. Additionally the disturbance meridional/ 
                         trans-equatorial wind can cause total suppression of the ESF 
                         development independent of the modification of the PRE vertical 
                         drift. Many details regarding the nature of the impact of the 
                         penetration electric fields on the PRE vertical drift and that of 
                         the disturbance winds on ESF growth lack our understanding. In 
                         this paper we have analyzed data on F layer heights and vertical 
                         drifts obtained from Digisondes operated in Brazil, including from 
                         conjugate point observations, to investigate the connection 
                         between magnetic disturbances occurring during and preceding the 
                         sunset hours and the consequent variabilities in the PRE vertical 
                         drift and EPB/ESF development. The impact of the prompt 
                         penetration under-shielding eastward electric field and that of 
                         the over-shielding, and disturbance dynamo, westward electric 
                         field on the evolution of the evening PRE vertical drift, and that 
                         of disturbance meridional/trans-equatorial wind on EPB/ESF 
                         development are briefly examined.",
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