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             abstract = "The interactions between the solar wind and the 
                         magnetospherethermosphere-ionosphere system produce variations on 
                         upper atmospheric dynamic to different spatial and temporal 
                         scales. The episodic increases in energy during geomagnetic storms 
                         results in additional variations in dynamics, chemistry as well as 
                         in the composition of the atmosphere. In this paper we have used 
                         winds from meteor radar at Cachoeira Paulista (22.7░S, 45░W) to 
                         investigate a possible relationship between variations in the 
                         dynamics of the upper mesosphere and lower themosphere (MLT) 
                         region and geomagnetic storm events on July 2004. The wind 
                         behavior presented a different pattern from those observed before 
                         and after the period of the geomagnetic storms, mainly in the 
                         meridional component. The possible relationship between diurnal 
                         tide variations and the geomagnetic storm events are discussed.",
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