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                         obtained from COSMIC radio occultation technique. On the same day, 
                         wave structures were observed on dTEC (detrended Total Electron 
                         Content) maps in the ionosphere over the southeast region of 
                         Brazil, with a horizontal wavelength of 345 km, a 26- minute 
                         period and a phase velocity of 221 m / s, propagating to North. 
                         Airglow observations in the same region also show several types of 
                         gravity waves with horizontal wavelengths ranging from 14 to 34 km 
                         and periods between 5 and 8 minutes spreading to northeast. Using 
                         the reverse and forward mode of the ray tracing technique we 
                         investigate the wave sources in the troposphere and the wave 
                         propagation up to the thermosphere.",
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