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             abstract = "Mesospheric temperatures at 90 km height have been estimated from 
                         meteor radar measurements obtained at Cachoeira Paulista (22.7S, 
                         45W) and S{\~a}o Jo{\~a}o do Cariri (7.4S, 36.5W). The 
                         temperatures were estimated using local models for temperature 
                         gradient and pressure and showed a good agreement with 
                         temperatures from Sounding of the Atmosphere by Broadband Emission 
                         Radiometry (SABER) over both sites. The temperatures by gradient 
                         technique show larger day to day variations than those estimated 
                         by pressure method and from SABER data. Spectral analysis have 
                         revealed the presence of annual (AO), semiannual (SAO) and 
                         quadrennial (QAO) periods on temperatures estimated by two 
                         techniques and from SABER data at both sites. The amplitude of the 
                         SAO over Cachoeira Paulista on temperatures by pressure method 
                         exceeds those estimated by gradient technique as well as the SABER 
                         temperatures. Over S{\~a}o Jo{\~a}o do Cariri, the SAO amplitude 
                         on temperature by pressure method also exceeds those derived by 
                         gradient technique and from SABER data. The SAO temperatures are 
                         in phase with each other, with maximums around equinoxes, just 
                         when the phase of SAO on mean zonal winds around 81 km is westward 
                         over both sites, however, the maximums in the westward winds 
                         happens before the maximum temperatures.",
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