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             abstract = "Discrete increase in plasma electron density by a factor of two or 
                         more was observed in the F region of the nocturnal ionosphere in 
                         the Brazilian sector, in the Manaus-AM region (MAN; 2,59S; 
                         60,22O; dip. latitude 12,1N; region near the magnetic equator). 
                         This increase was observed through the imaging photometer data and 
                         measured by the DMSP F15 satellite. Plasma density irregularities 
                         in the nighttime equatorial ionosphere were first observed by 
                         Booker and Wells in 1938, when they discovered spread-F in the 
                         ionogram of backscattered signals of ionosonde in Huancayo, Peru. 
                         The increase in plasma electron density was reported for the first 
                         time by Oya et al. in 1986, and they named this irregularity as 
                         plasma blobs. The plasma blobs that we observed on the MAN region 
                         were events that occurred independently, that is, without the 
                         presence of plasma bubbles. Cases of independent plasma blobs are 
                         rare events to observe, with more frequent occurrence with the 
                         simultaneous presence of plasma bubbles. In this work we present 
                         results of 4 nights of occurrence of independent plasma blobs in 
                         the period from October to November 2015, calculations of zonal 
                         and latitudinal drift of these blobs, besides measuring the north/ 
                         south and east / west dimensions that they reached, during all the 
                         time they were visible on the lens of the imaging photometer.",
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