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                         Cariri (7.4S, 36.5W), and equatorial spread-F, observed by a 
                         coherent back scatter deployed at S{\~a}o Lu{\'{\i}}s (2.5S, 
                         44.2W) was conducted from 2001 to 2009. Oscillation of 14.5 days 
                         was clearly observed in three month (September 2003, October 2005 
                         and January 2008) in the airglow images with amplitudes of 45-60 
                         min. Furthermore, using the data from the radar range time 
                         integration (RTI) maps, several events were observed with dominant 
                         period of 14.5 days in September 2001, November 2002, 
                         January-February 2003, October-December 2005 and November 2008. In 
                         such case, the amplitudes of the oscillations were from 3 min up 
                         to 60 min. This oscillation could be related to the semidiurnal 
                         lunar tide, which appear as an important contributor to the time 
                         of occurrence of equatorial spread-F.",
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