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             abstract = "In the past decade, understanding of the day-to-day variability of 
                         the ionosphere induced by waves propagating from bellow has 
                         considerably been advanced. More recently, several studies have 
                         pointed out that the secondary waves arising from the nonlinear 
                         interaction between tides and planetary waves could significantly 
                         impact the ionosphere. From the meteor radar wind at Cariri 
                         (7.4S, 36.5W) and ionossonde measurements at Fortaleza (3.9S, 
                         38.4W) we investigated the presence and effects of secondary 
                         waves in the Brazilian equatorial MLT and ionosphere. We found an 
                         evidence of the nonlinear interaction between an ultra-fast Kelvin 
                         wave and the diurnal tide in the MLT wind. We identified a 1.3-day 
                         secondary wave arising from this interaction and found it to 
                         propagate upward with a relatively long vertical wavelength ( 44 
                         km), which may allow it to penetrate into the ionosphere. From the 
                         ionossonde measurements at Fortaleza we found indications of the 
                         modulation of the F-layer height by the 1.3-day secondary wave. In 
                         this paper, we will present and discuss details of this study.",
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