author = "Muralikrishna, Polinaya and Domingos, Sinval and Horna, 
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             abstract = "A new compact and low cost Langmuir Probe and associated onboard 
                         data handling system are being developed at Instituto Nacional de 
                         Pesquisas Espaciais for launching on board one of the future 2U 
                         CubeSat missions. The system is a simplified and compacted version 
                         of the Langmuir Probe payloads launched on board several Brazilian 
                         SONDA III rockets and also developed for the Brazilian scientific 
                         satellites SACI-1 and SACI-2. The onboard data handling system 
                         will have the dual functions of preprocessing the data collected 
                         by the Langmuir Probe and acting as the interface between the 
                         experiment and the on board computer. The Langmuir Probe sensor in 
                         the form of two rectangular stainless steel strips of total 
                         surface area of approximately 80cm2 will be deployed soon after 
                         the injection of the CubeSat into orbit. A sweep voltage varying 
                         linearly from 0V to 3.0V in about 1.5 seconds and then remaining 
                         fixed at 3.0V for 1 second will be applied to the LP sensor to 
                         obtain both the electron density and electron temperature. A high 
                         sensitivity preamplifier will be used to convert the sensor 
                         current expected to be in the range of a few nano amperes to a few 
                         micro amperes into a varying potential. In order to cover the 
                         large dynamic range of the expected sensor current the 
                         preamplifier output will be further amplified by a logarithmic 
                         amplifier before being sampled and sent to the data handling 
                         system. The data handling system is projected to handle 8 analog 
                         channels and 4 digital words of 8 bits each. The incoming data 
                         will be stored in a RAM and later sent to the on board computer 
                         using a serial RS422 communication protocol. The interface unit 
                         will process the telecommands received from the on board computer. 
                         The interface is also projected to do FFT analysis of the LP 
                         sensor data and send the averaged FFT spectral amplitudes in place 
                         of the original unprocessed data. The system details are presented 
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