author = "Muralikrishna, Polinaya",
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             abstract = "Electrodynamic processes occurring in the E-region of the 
                         equatorial ionosphere can be affected by dust particles of 
                         meteoric origin. The dust particles can capture the ambient 
                         electrons and cause considerable increase in the loss rate of 
                         electrons thus affecting the growth rates and amplitudes of the 
                         plasma irregularities. The attachment of electrons on dust 
                         particles can increase the threshold velocities needed for the 
                         onset of two stream and gradient drift instability mechanisms 
                         responsible for the generation of Type I and Type II plasma 
                         irregularities respectively, observed in the equatorial E-region 
                         plasma. In situ rocket observations also indicate that, under 
                         similar ambient conditions, the amplitudes of Type II 
                         irregularities observed in the lower E-region are considerably 
                         smaller than those observed at higher altitudes. This probably is 
                         a direct evidence for the effect of dust particles that dominate 
                         the lower E-region altitudes practically all the time. Electric 
                         field changes in the low latitude E-Region are attributed to 
                         changing neutral winds and to remote causes like the mapping of 
                         storm time electric field changes or changes in the neutral winds 
                         caused by Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW). Variation of 
                         electrojet currents is a manifestation of changing electric fields 
                         and/or electrical conductivities. Changes in the conductivity 
                         parameters, especially in the lower E-region can also be caused by 
                         the ambient dust particles of meteoric origin. Statistical studies 
                         have shown that the monthly occurrence rate of reversals in the 
                         electrojet currents is highly correlated to the monthly mean of 
                         meteor showers. This high correlation is seen even during 
                         geomagnetically disturbed periods. The meteoric dust particles 
                         thus play a very important role in altering the local electrical 
                         conductivities in the lower E-region and in controlling the 
                         electrodynamic processes in this region.",
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