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             abstract = "In this talk I will present the latest developments in scientific 
                         balloon activities in Brazil, and prospects for the future. Since 
                         the last COSPAR Scientific Assembly, the activities at INPE, 
                         Brazils National Institute for Space Research, have been 
                         concentrated in the development of the protoMIRAX experiment and 
                         its balloon gondola. protoMIRAX is a prototype of the space 
                         experiment MIRAX (Monitor e Imageador de Raios X - Monitor and 
                         Imager of X Rays) that is currently under revision by INPE and the 
                         Brazilian Space Agency. protoMIRAX is a hard X-ray (30 to 200 keV) 
                         codedmask imager with an angular resolution of 1.75 degrees in a 
                         20 x 20 degrees fully-coded field-of-view. The detector plane 
                         comprises and array of 13 x 13 planar CdZnTe detectors with 
                         dimensions 10mm x 10mm x 2mm. The X-ray imager is housed in a 
                         balloon gondola with a complete attitude control and pointing 
                         system developed in a partnership between INPE and COMPSIS, a 
                         private company in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil. The development of 
                         protoMIRAX has given the Ballon Launching Center at INPE the 
                         opportunity to upgrade its technology and prepare for the 
                         provision of important services to the scientific ballooning 
                         communities both in Brazil and abroad. I will also present some 
                         recent initiatives carried out in Brazilian universities and 
                         centers to conduct astrobiology-related and atmospheric 
                         experiments in small balloons.",
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