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                         and communication technologies (ICT), the level of access and 
                         skill in using these resources remains unequal. This is 
                         particularly evident in developing countries. To reduce the gap 
                         between these levels of ICT use, organizations (both public and 
                         private) invest in the expansion of infrastructure by providing 
                         ICT access and ICT training. In this study, we demonstrate that 
                         there is a gap in current approaches to monitor and evaluate 
                         large-scale ICT training interventions. Thus, we propose an 
                         approach based on social network analysis and data mining 
                         techniques, and apply it to an online training program conducted 
                         in different regions of Brazil. The results allow us to examine 
                         different aspects of the program, such as the region of 
                         participants, the institutions driving the intervention, local 
                         indicators of telecommunications infrastructure, and local 
                         socioeconomic conditions.",
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